3 thoughts on “New green attack on fossil fuels…”

  1. I think they are saying they only have to increase the production by 350% (!) to equal the output currently produced by fossil fuels. Much more achievable. Means only the eastern half of the US needs to be covered by wind farms and solar panels, as opposed to 3/4ths of the country.

  2. So it takes three and a half times more ‘renewable’ energy to do what fossil fuel energy does?
    Are we supposed to EMBRACE something that is only 28% efficient? Not to mention extremely voracious in terms of non-renewable mineral resources?
    [The wind generators require copious amounts of high-tech metals to make the magnets in the generators and the high-energy-density storage batteries. Currently there are only a handful of places on earth where these metal have been found in usable quantities.]

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