2 thoughts on “Massive Gas Leak Plugged; Residents Seek Return to Normal”

  1. If that was a blowout then the odorant would not have been already added. It is added in a production facility long after the drilling rig has left.

  2. I’m reminded of an incident back in the 50’s: a town announced well in advance they were going to start adding fluoride to the municipal water supply to better serve the dental health of the community. Chemophobia was around back then, too. There was an uproar as people and the press spread stories about the adverse effects of fluoride on human health, and on the appointed day for the advent of fluoridated water the reports started up of people sickened, animals killed, lawns turning yellow, etc. A couple days later the city announced that because of technical issues with the equipment they were unable to start adding fluoride to the water, and the fluoridation would be delayed indefinitely.
    The illnesses were shown to be psychosomatic, and the reports of adverse effects on plants and animals were shown to be erroneous at best, and mendacious at worst.

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