2 thoughts on “Is The Sun Setting On Elon Musk’s Solar Empire?”

  1. Not to mention… that a significant part of the retail cost of electricity is the WIRE it arrives on. The more solar installations there are, the more pressure there is on the REAL generating utilities to petition to pay household producers only the actual value of the electricity itself, so that they are not bearing the price of the wire to deliver the power INTO the network.

    When users are only paid the cost of the electricity minus the delivery — consider it “shipping” expense — those installations become economically disastrous, even with those subsidies.

  2. I predict that Musk and his empires are gone in 10 years. The Tesla and SolarCity business models rely on unending tax credits and unlimited people willing to spend $100K on a car worth half that. Saturation of the market and cheap oil will cut him off at the head and GM/Ford/Toyota/Volkswagon will cut him off at the knees. It was a good run…

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