5 thoughts on “Cornell ‘Climate Action Plan Rally’ a Dud, Students Complain of Cold and Retreat Into Fossil Fuel-Heated Building”

  1. Thanks for the thoughts Jack. I’m with you, although I’m still trying to master chemistry (tutoring HS students and trying to keep ahead of them in chem).

  2. To eck – As a fellow Cornell grad (PhD ’64 in chemistry) I am distressed by all the sturm and drang. When I got my degree, the same kind of people (doom and gloomers who rake in the R&D dollars to support large groups of graduate students and post docs, and many -mostly not notable- publications for self aggrandizement) were saying that we are heading towards another ice age. If the models and projections that led to the Kyoto proposals were even close to correct, we would indeed be heading towards disaster.
    Fortunately, they were not. They were only models, mathematical constructs based on ignorance about missing parameters and as yet unknown science.

    And by the way, the Al Gores of the world take their private jets wherever they “need” to go. They are very important, so that their carbon footprints don’t matter. And don’t count on the Chinese. Mao said “talk, talk, fight, fight”. I think that we will wait at least 60-75 years until the Chinese comply with their commitments to cut down on fossil fuels. We will continue to export jobs in the interim.

  3. I’m a Cornell grad (of long ago). I don’t give them anything anymore, because they’ve become another one of these “anti-free inquiry” zoos.

  4. I assume the reason these protests take place in the winter is because in the summer they jet off on their hols

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