3 thoughts on “Coalition of 17 US states signals support for wind, solar”

  1. I get the droughts and floods, but since when are wildfires and sea level rise ‘weather events’?
    ‘Cost effective’ means ‘we aren’t going to pay for it; we’ll stick the taxpayers with the bills.’

  2. Well…..If investing heavily in wind, solar, hydro-, etc., makes sense for these 17 states, their governments, their Citizens and their businesses/industries then by all means they should begin investing. But those 17 states need to understand that they are on their own and should not in any way depend for financial subsidies from either the national government or from any kind of subsidy to be provided from any of the 33 states who may not be so fortunate as to be able to rely on renewable energy sources.

    Heck, by all means, please, tee it up and go for it. But don’t come begging.

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