3 thoughts on “Bioethicist in NYTimes: Zika a reason to kill babies in Latin America”

  1. Her advice on controlling mosquitos is equally wrong. Zika is almost harmless in countries where it is established – most people don’t even know they have it. And they catch Zika, therefore becoming immune to future infections, before they are old enough to become pregnant.

    Zika is too widespread in Latin America to stop it – there have been millions of cases – so the sooner everyone catches it the better.

    CF how German Measles, a similarly mild disease that causes problems in pregancy was tackled for many years – by deliberately exposing girl children to avoid problems later.

  2. What she is advocating is to abort all babies in this part of the world just in case some of them might be affected by Zika.

  3. The craving of the media for sensational headlines has created another hysterical panic. Of the many things that *could* cause microencephaly in newborns, the evidence for Zika is the weakest.
    Before Zika emerged 100% of the world’s cases of microencephaly were caused by something else.
    Whatever those forces were they have not been clearly identified yet, and are still at work causing this problem.

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