2 thoughts on “150,000 penguins killed after colossal iceberg in Antarctica leaves colony landlocked”

  1. Anyone who know the remotest about the area and Adelie Penguins knows the following:
    The ice cap and shelf ice is expanding in this location. That is why the shelf landed.
    These penguins are the most studied in the world.
    They migrate up to 10,000 miles.
    They establish new colonies at will.
    Their population has increased by 53% in the last 20 years, the so called CAGW years.That amounts to 3.4 million couples. Penguins are counted in breeding pairs.
    The penguins here did not die for the most part, they swam away.
    There are more than 250 found colonies of these birds. More are smaller and still hidden in remote bays.
    And lastly:
    They are the BOSS! Lovely birds. Funny. They love to sled and chance danger. Hence an extremely high death rate to predators. Because the little fellows bait them endlessly. They are fearless. But funny. Everyone loves the Adelie.

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