Poor outlook for renewable energy in Austrailia

Combine an energy glut and the end of the renewables target and the prospect for renewable energy is dim. The proposed 105 MW Carwarp solar plant’s prospects look dim with the termination of the 20% renewables target by the Abbot government.  Add a glut of energy and other renewable energy projects are shakey (from Sunraysia).  We keep hearing what a wonderful idea renewable energy is and forms like solar and wind can’t make it without subsidies.

2 responses to “Poor outlook for renewable energy in Austrailia

  1. Without a government hand-out, wind and solar are not economical to operate. And that’s the obvious part. Nice to see that Abbott has moved the Liberals into the back of his chamber. If Republicans win the Senate in November, the same thing can happen in the US, starting with Dingy Harry Reid.

    • Toolpusher … here in Oz, the Liberals (Liberal National Party) are the conservative coalition – the equivalent of the Republicans, and Labor are the socialist union loving community organizing people hating equivalent of the Democrats.

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