Market place economic realities and big idea energy policies

Why is the fatal conceit so attractive? Don’t the clowns read?

2 responses to “Market place economic realities and big idea energy policies

  1. In this paragraph he and Grossman talk like CO2 emissions constitute the basis for global warming, especially when he recommends “preparedness” in the face of increased CO2. He doesn’t mention the absence of “agw” or “climate change”, just assumes we’ll have to deal with the inevitable climate consequences of CO2 increases:

    I fully agree with Grossman, too, when it comes to how the U.S. should position itself on the issue of carbon dioxide emissions. He writes that the goal of “international policy should be to help poor nations develop and leave the climate issues aside for the time being.” Furthermore, he’s exactly right when it comes to broader climate goals. Since carbon dioxide emissions have been rising rapidly (up an average of about 500 million tons per year since 1985) and that rise will almost certainly continue unabated, the U.S. and the rest of the world will need to focus on preparedness.

  2. What I have noticed is talk of GW preparedness never states how much of an increase of Earth’s average temperature would be. Also, given that CO2 is such a small part of the atmosphere, what part of the 400ppm is contributed by human activity. I think showing the numbers would help to realize the fraud in this GW nonsense. I never hear of the premature deaths saved by having warmer temps in the winter. Computer models = Garbage in Garbage out. I doubt the “Scientists” really know all the variables.

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