Climate change and North Dakota corn

The increased production of corn in North Dakota has been attributed to climate change. Sierra Rayne says the numbers don’t quite add up.

5 responses to “Climate change and North Dakota corn

  1. Maybe, just maybe, the increase in corn production in North Dakota has something to do with increased demand for corn.

  2. I am more convinced every day that the LSM is a plagiaristic echo can. Some ‘journalist’ (sic) comes up with a spew supporting a current national story line and the tribal drums of the media dutifully broadcast it to the anxious herds of sheeple.

    Of course the story line is often wrong headed or just outright false, but that’s too bad because they have a “cause” which will save the [fill in the blank with your favorite]. Bugs Bunny described them perfectly well – “Oh my, what a maroon.”

  3. Inspiring story, where did you quote it from? ecgageceekbc

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