Deep pockets

California climate change policies will likely hike fuel prices. From Uncover California, the estimated increase in fuel prices based on California’s climate change policies will be between $0.14 and $0.69 per gallon.  The increased costs will “likely” be passed on to the consumer. likely?  That’s a euphemism.  The article also says that “Thus far, California’s efforts to cut carbon emissions and boost renewable energy have not hit consumers financially. ”  I wonder if that references is to fuel, because if you are in the green energy business, California is a good market. 


How many degrees of global warming will this prevent and what’s the cost per degree?


3 responses to “Deep pockets

  1. I can’t wait to see $10 a gallon gasoline and 70 cents a KwH electricity rates out there on the left coast.

  2. If you think California is nutso now….

    California could meet its energy needs with renewables alone, according
    to Stanford University researchers. The authors of a recent study say a
    transition scenario is economically as well as technically feasible.

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