Here’s a review of public health achievements

I would not object to the listing.

There are some claims that are weak, some that are strong.

3 responses to “Here’s a review of public health achievements

  1. The message is clear:

    Fascism is good; it saves lives. Better to be a subject of the nanny state and live longer.

  2. None of these listed needed the help of the state to go forward, yes food safety law help, but lawsuit help more, serve bad food be forced out of business. Health inspection only catch the unwary. Heart attacks is do to drug companies and little with government, the improvements are mostly the profit motive. Auto safety is a mixed bag some improvements work so fail, if air bags were a drug they would be illegal, they injury and kill to many times. The are calling public health something it is not. Public health has nothing to do with government it more to do with human progress, if you want to see how well government health works you only have to look at the VA health system.

    • Yes, airbags are a burden on the public. Which fascist can we thank for them? Liddy Dole. She also gave us that fine high, center-mounted brake light.

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