Fracking is safe, jackasses

Here is another handwringer proposal.

Let’s see if I can help–fracking occurs at 10,000 feet and has been proven safe for 50, damn years. WAKE UP ALL YOU NINNIES.

5 responses to “Fracking is safe, jackasses

  1. But they know it has been proven safe. They are only simulating what would happen, if. Can’t one dream anymore?

    • Don’t you mean “can’t one lie anymore”? I think the answer is YES!

      • No, no, no. Can’t call that lies. To lie is to deny something that has really happened. If it is about something that hasn’t happened, or is not likely to happen, we call that “pretend” or “simulate”. In Soviet Russia, people who dodged work or other social duties by pretending to be sick were called “simulants”. Seriously, that’s not a translation, that’s precisely the word they used. I know, since I was called that hundreds of times.

        The modern-day simulants have extended the scope of their pretence. According to them, we are all in peril.

  2. There is always a percentage of the population that MUST Eeyore or die. They attach themselves to any and every cause that indicates a bad outcome for mankind if we don’t “do something!”

    My guess is that it’s because they have nothing important in their life like religion (real religion), patriotism, or some such outer value to serve so they jump on these scams to justify their existence. But then what do I know.

  3. Long winter nights, no social life are a good breeding ground for an activist..

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