Misconduct by EPA on the Pebble Mine

You may recall that recently it was revealed that cheating on the impact study was part of the game EPA played, and the “researcher” is not available and some of his paperwork and research is not longer accessible.

Like the IRS, the EPA answers to no one.

Pebble Mine work has already involved millions of investment, but Luddites don’t care, they want bucolic nature the way they remember it was.

Woops, they have no memories–just ideals and utopian oligarchic arrogance.


5 responses to “Misconduct by EPA on the Pebble Mine

  1. Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    The EPA like the IRS and NOAA and NASA and the White house are nothing but rogue operations running outside the limits the Constitution imposed on them.

  2. The EPA is banning a project plan that hasn’t been submitted. There is pretty good evidence that an EPA biologist, Phillip North, had been working actively to tube the project since 2008 and then went off the grid beyond subpoena and a hard drive crash.

    Your government at work.

    • bob, that deserves more than a comment—please give me what you know and I will put it up or consider doing it yourself.

      I was just working from memory.

      John Dale Dunn MD JD Consultant Emergency Services/Peer Review Civilian Faculty, Emergency Medicine Residency Carl R. Darnall Army Med Center Fort Hood, Texas Medical Officer, Sheriff Bobby Grubbs Brown County, Texas 325 784 6697 (h) 642 5073 (c)

  3. Federal research agencies hid experimental data that would have exposed fraudulent stories on nuclear energy in the cores of heavy atoms and stars after the end of WWII.

    Why? CHAOS and FEAR of nuclear annihilation in late August 1945:


    Caused? All humanity to lose the Second World War:


    Two videos confirm government deception after WWII

    1. Here is a video of the NASA Administrator releasing data in 1998 from the 1995 probe of Jupiter, data that shows the Sun’s core is a pulsar from the supernova that birthed the solar system five billion years ago:

    2. Here is a video by the radiation safety officer in Hanford, WA – Galen Winson – discussing wildly exaggerated claims of nuclear radiation danger:

  4. Nonetheless; EPA still would have vetoed this project, even though when a mine plan is submitted and linking it with public due process. As well, as the NEPA process. Eventually, the 404 (c) would still come into play. I live in this area, especially with subsistence harvest of Salmon; rainbows, dollyvardens and most importantly, utilizing Iliamna Lake for cooking and drinking water.

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