Fraud in renewable energy? Say not.

EPA adopts a voluntary quality assurance program to address past issues with Renewable Identification Numbers for compliance with the Renewable Fuels Standard. A summary of the changes from the National Law Review.  I wonder how much a voluntary program will deter the fraudsters.

3 responses to “Fraud in renewable energy? Say not.

  1. CHAOS and FEAR of nuclear annihilation in 1945 initiated fraudulent efforts in 1946 to:

    1. Frighten the public away from using nuclear energy after WWII, . . . .

    2. Forbid public knowledge of neutron repulsion in cores of heavy atoms and stars:

    Oliver K. Manuel

  2. Fraud in America’s green energy market? It has good company.

    The Christian Science Monitor published a damning, six-part investigation into carbon credits, and concluded that they are a hive of fraud and villainy, calling them “a ‘Wild West’ market ripe for fraud, exaggeration, and poorly run projects that probably do little to ease global warming.”

    Corruption in the carbon trading market: Deloittes Australia has warned that carbon credit fraud is “the white collar crime of the future”

    European fraudsters steal $7B in carbon credit scam: Fraud within Europe’s carbon credit trading system has cost taxpayers more than $7 billion in the last 18 months, European police said Friday. “It is estimated that in some countries, up to 90 per cent of the whole market volume was caused by fraudulent activities,” Europol said

    Fake carbon credits investment scam cost Australian investors millions. AUSTRAC information assisted investigators to identify an overseas-based investment scam that deceived Australian-based victims into sending more than AUD3.5 million to accounts in Taiwan and China. Many of the victims were small business operators, self-funded retirees or investors seeking ethical investment opportunities.

    Czech police uncovers a $20 million carbon credit fraud
    Australia, Belgium Find More Cases of Carbon Fraud. In the European Union, fraud within the carbon trading community is estimated to cost taxpayers more than $7 billion in the past 18 months.

    Carbon Credit fraud discovered in Ukraine. Evidence of fraud and corruption in carbon credit markets continues to grow with Ukraine being the latest country to be infected. A report led by two U.S. law firms and one forensic auditing company says the government, under former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, misappropriated nearly $280-million from the sale of carbon credits.

    Norway latest to announce carbon fraud crackdown. Norway looks to have become the latest in a string of European countries to fall foul of complicated fraud involving EU carbon credits.

    Greenpeace Says Bolivian Offset Project is One Big Carbon Scam

    Europol (EU Police) Reports EU Carbon Credits trading is fraudulent. According to the European police force Europol, the European market for trading CO2 is permeated with fraud. In some countries up to 90 percent of sales related to fraud, reports Europol. In total it is estimated that in the past 18 months companies have been defrauded out of more than 7 billion dollars. Europol said in a press release on the Danish CO2 market.

    Carbon trading fraud in Belgium. Belgian prosecutors highlighted the massive losses faced by EU governments from VAT fraud today after they charged three Britons and a Dutchman with money-laundering following an investigation into a multimillion-pound scam involving carbon emissions permits.

    Germany Hopes to Recover Millions of Euro. Germany is looking to recover millions of euros in previously evaded taxes, as charges are filed against directors of companies accused of carrying out carbon credit tax fraud.

    Denmark Gives Away $7B USD, or 2% of GDP to Carbon Credit Traders. The Danish tax authority has been robbed blind by a carbon trading scandal that has rocked the market for carbon off sets.

    EU carbon credits scheme tarnished by alleged murders in Honduras. The reported killing of 23 Honduran farmers in a dispute with the owners of UN-accredited palm oil plantations has called into question the integrity of the EU’s emission trading scheme (ETS), as carbon credits from the plantations remain on sale. For now, business continues as usual in Aguán and the world’s carbon markets, despite the “systemic and grave human rights violations” noted by the International Fact Finding Mission.

    Uganda: ‘Over 20,000 people made homeless, replaced by carbon sinks in fight against AGW: ‘Armed individuals acting on behalf of the ‘New Forests Company’ trying to earn carbon credits – came to a village in Uganda, shot a couple of children, and flattened the village’

    Tuesday, 15 July 2014– Carbon Scam by UN and World Bank Behind “Genocidal” Land Grabs Under the guise of fighting “climate change”:
    United Nations and World Bank “carbon” programs in Africa are leading to massive land grabs, the forced relocation of indigenous people at gunpoint, and even what some critics are calling “cultural genocide.” Now, a coalition of activist organizations is demanding an end to the controversial UN-linked plots that are devastating communities while endangering indigenous peoples and cultures already at risk of extinction. Criticism surrounding the ongoing promotion of “carbon credits” is also escalating worldwide from across the political spectrum. The victims in the most recent abuses are the Sengwer communities in Kenya’s Embobut forest and Cherangany Hills. According to reports by the Forest Peoples Programme, a U.K.-based non-profit organization that supports the rights of forest dwellers, more than one thousand Sengwer homes were torched by World Bank-funded authorities earlier this year as the Kenyan government works to evict some 15,000 members from their ancestral lands. Inaccurately referring to the indigenous peoples as “squatters,” officials claim the effort is aimed at promoting “sustainability.”

    Carbon Credit Scam: Mexico – REDD Program (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation). ….communities that depend on forests for their survival will be evicted from them and denied access to what they have always considered to be their lands…

    Toxic gases are being created just to earn carbon credits: Firms are deliberately overproducing greenhouse gases (GHG) for the sole purpose of destroying them in order to earn revenue through the sale of carbon credits under the clean development mechanism or CDM scheme. The first indication is the fact that an analysis of the total carbon credits issued to projects across the globe, including India, shows that OVER 50 PER CENT OF THE TOTAL CARBON CREDITS ISSUED UNTIL JULY 2012 WERE FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF A DEADLY GREENHOUSE GAS CALLED HFC-23 (HYDRO FLUORO CARBONS-23). It is 11,700 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide AND IS BEING CREATED FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF RECEIVING CARBON CREDITS FOR ITS DESTRUCTION.

    Profits on Carbon Credits Drive Output of a Harmful Gas. Since 2005 the 19 plants receiving the waste gas payments have profited handsomely from an unlikely business: churning out more harmful coolant gas so they can be paid to destroy its waste byproduct. China and India, where most of the 19 factories are, have been resisting mightily. The manufacturers have grown accustomed to an income stream that in some years accounted for half their profits. The windfall has enhanced their power and influence. As a result, many environmental experts fear that if manufacturers are not paid to destroy the waste gas, they will simply resume releasing it into the atmosphere.

    Carbon credit market for HFC-23 racked by fraud. An effort to decrease emissions of the super greenhouse gas HFC-23 has led to a largely-false carbon market that should be eliminated, says the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA). HFC-23 is a byproduct of the refrigerant HCFC-22, which is currently being phased out under the Montreal Protocol for its ozone-depleting and greenhouse gas properties. However, the effort to reduce HFC-22 through a carbon market has been hampered by companies in India and China producing extra HFC-23 just so they can capture and destroy it—and receive lucrative carbon funds.

    Not to be Outdone: It appears that California’s Cap-and-Trade Program is 100% fraud. Governor Brown wants to use all of California’s cap-and-trade funds to cover the state’s general fund expenses: California has begun auctioning off carbon emission permits as part of its cap-and-trade program. They’re basically licenses to pollute that businesses can buy to offset their emissions. The money — $500 million collected so far — goes into the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. Governor Brown now wants to “borrow” it to cover the state’s general fund expenses.

  3. luisadownunder

    At least Australia is doing it’s part in eliminating the greatest scam in human history – the carbon (dioxide) tax.

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