Howard Hayden at Energy Advocate

I am a big fan of physicist Howard Hayden, formerly Prof at U Conn, so I ask you to consider some of his comments from the July issue of The Energy Advocate</em, a real paper newsletter he publishes.

Dr. Hayden declaims:

1. The Carbon dioxide is not carbon any more than a carbon containing human is carbon. The Words used like carbon emissions and carbon reduction and carbon tax make is seem they are talking about soot.

2. Even worse is the double lie carbon pollution, which conjures up an image of smoe kind of black crud that is dangerous to health, rather than an invisible gas that is an essential part of our biosphere.

I cannot summarize properly Dr. Hayden’s very cogent discussion of the SCOTUS opinions on the Carbon Dioxide endangerment and the tailoring rules. He writes pretty good about law for a physicist, but then physicists are smart guys.

Wind Follies discussion

Dr. Hayden discusses the variability and inconstancy of wind energy production and shows the wild variations from 200 to 10,000 megawatt outputs in the month of March of 2014 in Texas in wind electricity production. Not a comforting thing for anyone who cares about energy. Maddening for those of us who would want to promote sane energy policies.

Dr. Hayden reports Italian buyer’s remorse on solar.

Every issue he remarks on new high tech advances, and this month it’s 3 d printers, that have become very available and how they work.

I saw Dr. Hayden at the recent Climate Meeting in Las Vegas.

get his Energy Advocate Newsletter at and learn along with me.

Last month he taught me the nature of the forces that wind turbines create and the weight of the foundations required–very valuable for those who would ask–why do you need to put more than 100 metric tons of cement and rebar in the ground for a machine that gives you 1/3 of its limited output in electricity?

One response to “Howard Hayden at Energy Advocate

  1. Regarding the forces that wind turbines create and the weight of the foundations required, this is an engineering wrinkle I had not previously considered.
    It has fascinating ramifications for the proposed erection of wind turbines on the Mid-Atlantic Continental Shelf off the Virginia shore, where the ‘ground’ is unconsolidated sediments and the Gulf Stream’s marginal currents and eddies are strong and variable. The balance point between foundations that are massive enough to withstand the currents and yet not massive enough to settle rapidly into deeper sediments may be quite difficult to find. Missing the balance point in either direction could result in complete and catastrophic failure of the tower.

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