Building the energy future

From the biofuels perspective it is continued subsidies and regulated demand.  From the Biofuels Digest, by Matt Carr, Director of the Algae Biomass Organization 

It’s time to put politics aside and set a clear energy agenda for the U.S.: Congress should move swiftly to set conditions for responsible development of energy resources that are available today while accelerating the development of renewable resources we’ll need tomorrow. Doing so will deliver fuel that we all need, provide jobs for Americans, address the risks of climate change, and keep our country competitive in a world filled with ambitious economies.

How should Congress do this?

Restore expired renewable fuels tax incentives at least through 2015.

Restore advanced biofuels standards in the Renewable Fuels Standards.

Fully fund the Navy’s military renewable fuels drop-in initiative.

The EPA should recognize the abilty of algae to sequester carbon and for every barrel of oil from algae you leave a barrel of oil “sequestered.”


This sounds a lot like the government subsidies and mandates to create markets.  DOD is going through quite a budget cut and we should continue a program of more expensive fuels that will have limited use in potential combat situations?


One response to “Building the energy future

  1. Although I understand their need or desire to develop and test these alternative fuels there is no need to do it through the DOD. Why not just use the DOE(nergy) for support and validation?

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