Race, Wealth and socialism

Fernandez exposes the sore of racialism based on envy.

I have always known that the Caribbean and Brazil gobbled up most of the African slaves. Average life expectancy of a slave in Brazil was 5 years, so millions were imported until slavery finally ended in Brazil well into the 19th century.

Why no special treatment or grievance status for Asians (I like the descriptor oriental, but Ed Said ended that one)?

Well, it’s because the Chinese, Cambodian, Thai, Vietnamese, Phillipino, Japanese Americans became educated and financially successful and success removes your socialist/progressive special grievance group status, you become an oppressor and get your victim status removed, even if you have suffered from some biases or discrimination. The only exception is the progressive condemnation of the Japenese internment, but they don’t get much social/cultural capital, the event is mostly used to prove how evil white America was, and, of course, is.

Quotas now protect white people from what is an increasingly very successful Asian student population.

But that wanders away from the points that Fernandez makes about Israel, slavery and modern grievance politics.


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