The EPA has extended the comment period for the fracking rule to September 18, 2014.

4 responses to “Fracking

  1. “September 18, 2013”? I guess that’s one way to avoid having to read any new public comments…

  2. And Sept 19 no matter the science or safety record – they will find a way to ban a 60 year old process because they hate progress – and lateral drilling doest sound as scary.

  3. If they do it the way the Dutch government does it, they’ll expand the deadline time and again until such a time as the industry gives up on the idea.
    They know it’s productive, clean, safe, and that they have no objective reason to ban it. But for all those same reasons they don’t want it, so they have to stall until it’s too late for the industry to adopt it and the “problem” “goes away on its own”.

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