Fracking neurotics are bozos

This business about fracking causing earthquakes ignores basic physics.

How could injections at 10,000 feet really be expected to disrupt the geology of a region?

Consider the mass and energy questions.

7 responses to “Fracking neurotics are bozos

  1. The link between injections of large quantities of fluid leading to an increase in earthquakes was first suggested, and later quite strongly confirmed, in the Denver area in the 1960s.
    The Rocky Mountain Arsenal (US Army) was developing Better Chemicals for Killing (nerve gases, etc.). This also led to lots, make that LOTS, of toxic chemicals (not as bad as the nerve gases, but pretty bad stuff) needing disposal.
    So they used “deep injection wells”.
    Soon Denver started having earthquakes.
    Go a’googlin for “Denver earthquakes 1960s”.
    One typical example:

  2. You are so FOS. Let’s assume that fracking is the cause of earthquakes–so you point to a Denver “study” that you say is convincing proof, and I can point to 50, going on 60 years of fracking that is not.

    Thanks for your heads up–and you, my friend are suffering from what is called in the neurotic cancer scare business, the cluster syndrome.

    Why should I believe your story about the convincing Denver earthquake “cluster” when I know that fracking is something that has been performed on a much wider scale with no earthquake epidemic. I use epidemic because that is the word that panic mongers in the community use when they are trying to promote a T shirt protest on a public health issue.

    Always watch for the words crisis and epidemic.

  3. You posed your question in a manner that readers cannot check for themselves.

    A recent earthquake in the US hit 4 and a bit on the Richter Scale. There were no fatalities and little property damage.

    Keeping in mind that the Richter scale is logarithmic a change of 3 to 4 means an increase of intensity by a factor of 10. An increase of 2 to 4 means an increase of 100.

    With this information readers can discover for themselves that the seismic disturbances might wiggle the coffee in your cup, but that’s as bad as it gets.

  4. I suspect the problem is defining an earthquake. An earthquake rating a 4 on the Richter scale will typically produce little, if any, property damage. Richter 3 is about the minimum that an unaided human being can see hear or feel under ideal conditions. Richter 2 and under can be detected by sensitive instruments. I have no doubt that fracking produces lots of earthquakes that rate under 3 on the Richter scale. Fracking cleaves a lot of rock. Stresses are released and rock moves when it is split. This movement is utterly trivial but the earth does move. When the earth moves, we call it an earthquake, no matter how tiny the shake.

  5. hey jack, that’s BS.

    You and I know that the earth “moves” or “shakes” all the time but there is no causale relationship between fracking and such things.

    If you want to promote the delusion that fracking causes earthquakes, go ahead, I can’t stop you. If you want to show any evidence that it independently and convincingly causes earthquakes, rather than presuming it does, try that too.

  6. So you’re saying that when you rupture thousands of tons of rock with hydraulic force, the Earth doesn’t move? Again, let’s stick to simple facts. Fracking moves the Earth when rocks are fractured. Those TINY movements are detectable WITH SENSITIVE INSTRUMENTS. Therefore, fracking causes earthquakes. As you said, the Earth moves and shakes all of the time. Even the smallest of these movements are still called earthquakes.

    Fracking, by definition, is the movement of rock. If the rock didn’t move, the rock wouldn’t be fractured. You can not fracture rock without moving rock. If you want to claim that tiny movements caused by fracking don’t meet the definition of an earthquake, talk to Webster.

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