Something to grouse about?

The prairie chicken could affect control of the Senate. The federal government is considering listing the greater sage grouse as an endangered species next year. Doing so could limit development, energy exploration, hunting and ranching on the 165 million acres (67 million hectares) of the bird’s habitat across 11 Western states. (Reno Gazette-Journal)

Two Republican congressmen running for the U.S. Senate in Montana and Colorado, Steve Daines and Cory Gardner, are co-sponsoring legislation that would prevent the federal government from listing the bird for a decade as long as states try to protect it.

A change of 6 seats from D to R will change control of the Senate. A sign that folks are getting fed up with the over reach of the ESA?

4 responses to “Something to grouse about?

  1. Most of us know: Animal life exhales CO2; Plant life inhales CO2.

    This local story – of children fleeing live-threatening conditions at our own borders who desperately need help – shows the result of false government claims that CO2 is a dangerous pollutant, rather than part of the natural cycle of life that connects plants and animals:

  2. How did this chicken survive many years ago when the Plains ran black from all of the Buffalo?

  3. Something to grouse about.!home   Google the federal register numbers (stated below) to find the exact place on the web to comment. Deadline is July 11, 2014 for the earliest one. The comment needs to be edited, but I have no time, so it is better to do than to not do at all.

    Comments to 79 Fed. Register 27060 and 27052 Clear violation of E.O. 12630 Takings in that the illegitimate Marxist scheme centrally controls property by the trickery of the use of the condition of the habitat to constructively evict true owners established by state law, an imposition of illegitimate policy that violates the humans-first public policy of the US Constitution constituting a violation  of E.O. 13132 Federalism. The constructive eviction is carried out by the threat of excessive fines that risk financial ruination imposed by the burgeoning progressive Hegelian Administrative State   that stubbornly denies civil rights to a jury of our peers, just compensation for takings, honoring the contract the state of Texas made through its real estate laws protecting against unlawful encumbrances, and tortious interference with those contracts to repay loans secured by Deed of Trust. This unlawful construct, that is, the application of the Endangered Species Act on private land purchased for the very purpose of personal domination in every method that enriches the owner and the country, denies robs the human dignity of the owner by violating equal protection laws that make no historical provision for pitting humans needs in a discredited Hegelian European-style losing competition with a subhuman animal and its habitat. “It is fundamental  that the Constitution is the paramount law of the state and cannot be altered by legislative amendments.” Jones v. Ross, 173 S.W.2d 1022, 1024 (Tex. 1943) Without any question, E.O. 12988 Civil Justice Reform, the judicial system will be unduly burdened as the violations of this phony biological scheme are unwound and the perpetrators receive the just deserts that they deserve. We know this biological plan, based on the untrue “natural balance” theory, is phony because we saw how the ring necked pheasant (another ground nesting bird) was introduced without robbing us of our human civil rights to property (Our Founders said our property rights are human rights, not theft as Marx put it.) In opposite to the mismanagement going on now, the introduction of the pheasant was a resounding economic success that contributed to the wealth of the country and enhanced our civil rights. Land bought for the purpose of control and dominion as promised by hundreds of years of state real estate law, is the key to American’s exceptionalism from the purported inevitability of Communism. Identifying central control of private property is not rocket science. Central control abolishes private property and thereby equals pure Marxist Communism. When applied to private property, there is no functional difference between the concept of the environment and Marx’ concept of the commune: Both deny Constitutional individual rights that public officials swear upon oath to God to protect and defend actively, not stand by and watch the dangerous destruction of our economy. Constructive evictions are no different than the carjacker who points the threat of financial ruination at fee-simple owners of land  forces me to stand on the financial curb but waits to take the car and won’t let me use the car except as instructed. Carjacking is the appropriate mental state of those engaged in this taking. E.O. 12630 Takings results in a physical invasion of the government’s animal onto my land without compensation, a subhuman that has more rights than I do to my land. The subhuman’s rights to have its habitat needs either left in place or reconstructed there are backed by the full force of the federal personnel, armament, prisons and increasingly questioned administrative state all lawyers recognize as a Kangaroo Court, an unrecognizable mutation of our founding principles. If this assertion is denied, then for all lawful purposes, you are hereby given notice that entry, constructive or otherwise, upon my property is forbidden.  This Texas criminal trespass warning should be of no concern to you if your assertion of a lack of physical invasion is true, which I have justifiable doubt as explained above. If you persist in unjustifiably persisting in applying this “a little communistic” (as described by one Texas state wildlife biologist heavily involved in the prairie chicken land grab) scheme to private land, how does it feel to be carrying the torch of enslavement for Russia’ President Leonid Brezhnev so many years after he said in 1973 that most of the Soviet Union’s goals would be achieved by 1985 without violence (to the Soviet Union)? [Page 359, DUPES, Kengor, 2010] Don’t think we have not noticed how difficult making comments is made by frustrating the copy and paste feature. Any of the foregoing comments that are not backed up by fact, are my learned opinion.

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