Monarch Butterfly update

Hank de Carbonel, who is in the cement pumping business during the day, keeps us up to date on the Monarch Butterfly crisis.

Thanks Hank.

They did this because they have developed a real liking for cornflakes? Nope, they did it so hey can sell us back their claimed GM corn seed which will be dubious as are most of “their” products, but the price will be whatever it takes to cement the deal. The results will arrive later.

We of course want cheap corn seed because we are planting more corn than ever because we have decided to make a lousy fuel from it. I just read that ethanol is more polluting than carbon fuel as well. So we plant more corn and divert it from food to fuel driving up the price of not just corn but beef and all livestock. That means less for the elderly and poor both here and overseas.

Because we plant corn in marginal fields and land where the milkweed would populate, the available nesting plant is diminished and my pals, the Monarch butterflies are reduced in number.

Scientism triumphs once again. Central planning must move on. Facts are troublesome things.
“ When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it attached to everything in the universe.” John Muir.
Nobody asked but that’s what I think.

Hank de Carbonel=

2 responses to “Monarch Butterfly update

  1. Does anyone beside me get tired of all these “tier” scares from the greenies? They jump from one tier to the next as soon as they have to – a soon as the last scare is debunked – of course they put that scare on a back tier to bring out again at some future date, hoping everyone will forget it was nonsense in the first place.

    The last “tier” scare were claims that Bt was causing the Monarch’s demise, without one iota of evidence other than speculation. Then it was discovered that corn pollen is heavy and doesn’t travel far, there are few milkweed plants around corn fields, the Monarch’s won’t eat corn pollen unless there is absolutely no alternative and when they are forced to eat it takes 1000 grains/cm for toxic effects to occur. The normal level of corn pollen on milkweed leaves averaged only about 170 pollen grains/cm in corn fields at peak pollen times. Concentrations are normally even lower, actually far lower.

    So now that these Bt claims have been debunked by actual science versus the speculatory claims of “correlation is causation”, they’re now jumping onto another “tier” claiming herbicide scares with the same speculatory claims of “correlation is causation”.
    Let’s get real, there are millions and millions of non agricultural acres where milkweed can grow unabated, and there are no pesticides – and by the way, for the uninitiated, herbicides are pesticides.

    The only real explanation that holds any water is logging in central Mexico where they single mindedly fly to every year. And if that turns out to be the case nothing we do in this country, including another idiotic pesticide ban is going to change anything.
    And I’m disappointed to see anything supporting such nonsense on Please read, “Presidential Pollinator Protection: More Activity as Substitute for Accomplishment”

  2. Hank de Carbonel

    I agree. We have a new program. We are importing the” loggers “into the USA. Of course there will be expenses because we don’t allow logging. We must assist in the transition for as long as it takes.

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