Let’s talk fat

Here is a discussion of obesity, a multifaceted and major problem.

I lost 30 pounds a year ago because I was kinda disgusted with my self.

I just cut out seconds at night and stopped eating lunch.

Still not skinny, but of course better off.


2 responses to “Let’s talk fat

  1. What is a “normal” weight for any individual? What are the parameters used to determine that “normal” weight for any individual? What scientific medical studies established any of this? What scientific medical studies were used to determine what health effects occur within any range of weight for any individual?
    And then, we are always left with the problem: Scientific medical studies always report the average or median results. There is no room left for the outlier individuals that don’t fit within the “normal” results. Who has funded the scientific medical studies, who stands to profit or lose from the results of the studies, and is there any conflict-of-interest?

  2. Hebrew had a single word for ‘fat’ and ‘healthy’: ‘bari.’ A species’ health could be defined by its genetic variability, characterized by the ability of certain genetic types to survive under a wide array of circumstances. The more human lineages live at the limits of survivability, the more pronounced will be those genetic traits which allow for that survival. This might be expressed as special molars among eskimos or extra fat among Polynesians.

    Constant overpopulation among island dwellers leads to corpulence through two causes: famine and war. While continental civilizations send their biggest and strongest to fight and die, and so continually weed out size and strength genes, all the islanders’ men are conscripted, and only the big and strong survive. And in time of famine only the fat survive.

    So in northern Europe, where climate is harsh, people are fatter than in the south of the continent with its reliable weather and agriculture. All this assumes there is opposing selection against obesity or people would be fat everywhere, and of course in many cultures there is considerable sexual selection for skinniness, as seen in the ideal body of Greco-Roman art. And with obesity goes a loss of mobility, more pronounced before industrialization and more critical before civilization. Fat people survive in cities and in societies with advanced welfare. The state will enable you to consume so much sugar that you can’t get out of bed, in spite of which, you will have a difficult time passing your genes on to the next generation.

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