Absolute crapola from the OB GYN people

Annual exams sans a complaint, are nonsense as a preventive health screening procedure. Mayo clinic said long ago that annual physicals are nonsense, of course they keep doing them. Anxious Americans are an easy touch.

So why does the American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommend annual pelvic exams for women over 21? Why do the OB GYNs do this–it’s embarrassing to me that they would make women think such hypervigilance is worthwhile. I thought they would stop this when they finally conceded on the equally silly old rule about annual pap smears.

In this case, the commentary from the ACSH people is too conciliatory. There is nothing, nothing to justify this annual expense for “screening” other than the OB GYN professional’s need to keep the appointment book full or something like that–who knows, but that just isn’t a problem for them in the first place, since women go to docs 3 times more than men.

Women have always been high utilizers of healthcare and are characteristically anxious about their health at all ages.

That’s not because they are sicker than men–that’s for damn sure. And the excuse they have babies may account for some of the higher volume, but mostly it’s about dependent anxious personality types, culture and more. Women make the health care system hum. The annual pelvic exam should be an OBGYN dodo bird.


2 responses to “Absolute crapola from the OB GYN people

  1. It is interesting that women backed the tests “on the basis of science” but now could not care less about the science when it means they don’t get what they believe to be needed. This is at least the second time this has come up and women just will not accept that the science does not back their insistance on annual exams paid for by their insurance.

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