Real Clear Science on misuse of numbers

Some good discussion on cheating with numbers–journalists and advocates would call it lying for justice.

Very nice display of hucksterism as it appears in the media and on behalf of charlatans and cargo cultist scam artists.

Epidemiology is particularly fertile ground for this crap, but cheating on numbers for the benefit of the ignorant is a major industry, particularly in democratic countries where public opinion is critical to mass hysteria and movements.

One response to “Real Clear Science on misuse of numbers

  1. how many times have we heard that “it’s for a good cause”?? And every time they inflated numbers horrifically.

    a classic is the “one million killed in Iraq” meme that the media and all the usual moronic blog infesters kept bleating – all based on a totally debunked study. If you just divided the time frame into the total you got something like 350 people killed by the U.S. troops EVERY DAY. Even the lefties had to admit that SOMEONE would have noticed death kills like that long before it got to a million. duh.

    This global warming scam if full of cherry picking, inflation, and every other sort of numeric evil and slight of hand that we’ve all been watching. All of us that care to validate claims that is.

    [I’ve warned my granddaughters over and over to “verify the numbers”. Any time someone quotes a number, make them show the source, then challenge the source.]

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