As the commies say–the important thing is who gets to count

So the Congress wants sign up numbers for the small business section of bamstercare.

And they are upset that the administration and HHS are giving them nothing.

And they think that getting the numbers will make a difference? As I said in the piece on the decline of the GDP, why ask liars for a report?

Consider this, the numbers in the initial bamstercare roll out were not that good, but they were celebrated–spin. Many of the first few sign ups were not real sign ups but inquiries counted, no premiums paid.

Now we know that not only are the sign ups illusory, the insurers are guaranteed a bail out for a death spiral effect.

Death spiral is a fancy word for adverse selection.

In any event if there were really 45 million desperate, sick and uninsured people dying and suffering, they stayed home. The sign ups, if they were real were mostly people who had insurance and needed it. The uninsured are those who are eligible but don’t sign up and the invincibles too.

So the sign ups were small compared to the alleged uninsured desperate people numbers that the left was pushing as the crisis.

Commies are about big ideas that carry them into power–and the failure of bamstercare is not going to bother them one bit. Except if it affects their electoral/political power grab that is energized by utopian and racial politics.

To deal with that problem of a voter protest and blow back at election time, the left has the slavish media, unions, and political lefty activists who specialize in stealing elections.

And we got the welfare state, which is now the mommy and daddy of a lot of
Americans. Why work when you can live pretty well on the dole?

2 responses to “As the commies say–the important thing is who gets to count

  1. “Who get’s [gets?] to count”

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