Lenar Whitney speaks truth to crazy

I get a belly full of enviro nonsense.

Here, a new voice for sensible energy and political policy talks about how we are fools to allow the latest nonsense from the greens to influence policy decisions.

4 responses to “Lenar Whitney speaks truth to crazy

  1. Thank you for the excellent video.

    George Orwell saw this coming in 1946 and moved from London to the Scottish Isle of Jura to start writing his warning to the public, “Nineteen Eighty-Four.”

  2. Simply put – so why are there still so many blockheads out there???????

  3. We are on the forefront of a revolution.
    Who would have thought that, in the 21st century, our biggest obstacle to advancement would be ignorance?

    • luisadownunder – That is a very profound observation – just this morning I heard an egghead from a Uni bemoaning the reduction of Emperor penguins due to lack of ice in the Antarctic yet my understanding is that the Antarctic ice is at record levels – I have double checked this from all the recognised authorities and apart from some problems in a tiny area of the west Antarctic the place ‘is’ getting colder and record ice coverage.

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