Trey Gowdy shows us how to take an agency prick apart

How come I can’t get the people on the SST and Energy Commerce committee to ask Trey Gowdy to show them how to examine a witness?

Now I know why Trey Gowdy had a 100% conviction rate as a Fed Prosecutor.

Below I link to his dissection of the IRS official.

He’s good–got the tempo down, and the content. Note his introduction of the word spoliation–I’ll bet the majority of the people who read this don’t know what spoliation is, but it is very important concept when a government agency is a criminal enterprise. Not referenced enough. Rep Issa should be boning up on his spoliation research and how to use it when gov agencies “lose” important evidence.

So back to pathetic lawyering and examinations by congress.

I will never forget the ridiculous performances of Ralph Hall and Dana Rohrbacher, but one of the great disappointments was anesthesiologist Andy Harris doing smiley face chairmanship of a big hearing on EPA by Andy Harris 2 falls ago that allowed the democrats and an EPA shill researcher George Thurston to dominate the testimony when we had first team players like Roger McClellan and Mike Honeycutt and Robert Phalen as witnesses.

Here’s a report of Honeycutt’s testimony.

But poor preparation and execution is way too common. House and Senate committee fail to prepare and getterdun. They don’t know where they want to go with witnesses so they look like fools.

I have discussed the pathetic performance of our allies in Congress. And their disappointing preparation and strategies.

Makes me sad because they fail to demonstrate proper effort or the virtues, fortitude, and prudence.

So here’s Gowdy–what a great examination–notice the tempo–Koskinen had his head handed to him.

Spoliation is a very important concept–little attended to with this congress full of weaklings. Imagine spoliation that has risen to the level of a RICO violation in the Executive Branch.

An ongoing criminal conspiracy to defraud and deceive the public, the taxpayer and to destroy evidence. Ask Issa.

So let’s go back to my recommendations on how the congress should prepare for hearings. Too bad that congress and the staff people don’t read–I gave them almost a gig of info on how to prepare to challenge EPA junk science, but they don’t like to read.

Here’s why EPA is a junk science major producer and how they put this crap up.

One response to “Trey Gowdy shows us how to take an agency prick apart

  1. Trey Gowdy is THE BEST ARGUMENT against term limits.

    Of course, Trey wants to go back to prosecutin’, anyway, so it doesn’t matter. He gets it. He’s just a citizen going up to Washington to represent his people.

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