Secret Science bill proposed by Lamar and SST Committee

This one is dead on arrival and what a waste of time.

Lamar Smith hasn’t consulted with me, or I would tell him, it’s not the data availability that is the problem, it’s the bad science that they aren’t ashamed to display.

Nobody gets it. I hold out no hope for our side on getting the EPA under control, and kiss off any chance the SCOTUS will do the right thing to restore separation of powers. They like oligarchs with delegation and discretion clubs.

SST committee is going to create a new, more transparent form of junk science epidemiology?

Maybe, but I already know their epidemiology is junk science and I can tell usually just from reading the abstract–I don’t need to get into the data weeds.

They use small associations and junk toxicological concepts to press forward on the aesthete’s interpretation of the Clean Air and Clean Water acts.

The ambient environment of the world is safe, but the power grabbers need to make “Clean” the issue–it provides them with much more leverage.

One response to “Secret Science bill proposed by Lamar and SST Committee

  1. This bill is a reasonable scientific requirement for EPA. If the data is available, then scientists more effectively evaluate the science. US House Bill 4012 should be supported. Write your representative.

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