Richard Epstein just became an idiot

This is a terrible thing–Richard Epstein had a stroke? Became stupid overnight?

Walk through this tortured analysis of a free speech issue/political correctness issue and when you get through remember Epstein is supposed to be the iconic libertarian lawyer/academic.

However what else do we know about Richard? Last year he took a new job and moved from U of Chicago to NYU.

So the answer is, he’s been toxed and head injured by NY political correctness–now he worries that the media are upset (NY is the Media noise center of the Universe) about the name Redskins. Of course the Chicago Hockey Black Hawks are not offensive–seems like the whole thing is kinda arbitrary, doesn’t it? And maybe Richard needs a Cat Scan of the head? or the spine?

4 responses to “Richard Epstein just became an idiot

  1. Stalin used “junk science” to control the public in the rise of communism before WWII, and then convinced world leaders to use “junk science” after WWII to “save the world from nuclear annihilation.”

    That is the conclusion of a concise 2-page summary of unreported CHAOS and FEAR of nuclear annihilation in late August 1945:

    Climategate emails in late November 2009 revealed lock-step, totalitarian control over government science.

    My research mentor, the late Kazuo Kuroda of the Imperial University of Tokyo, took possession of Japan’s plans for building atomic bombs in the CHAOS that gripped the world in late August 1945.

    Fifty-seven years later in 2002 the A-bomb plans were returned to Japan:

  2. There is no doubt that Washington Redskins is offensive. I recommend they change their name to Maryland Redskins.

  3. I’m sure the Wellpinit Redskins are offended by the name Washington.

  4. or the Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, KC Chiefs, etc.

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