Nino blew it again, but wadda u expect, he’s an oligarch

I can’t do any better than what I have said before, going all the way back and then some.

Judicial restraint, deference to agency discretion, and allowance of excess congressional delegation results in TYRANNY OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH.

The SCOTUS abandons its oath and duty to defend and protect the constitution by allowing mandarins in agencies run of the place, and allows congress to shirk it’s legislative and oversight responsibility by excessive delegation and failure, feckless failure to assure faithful execution of the laws.

Here’s enough to make you choke and cry. We have lost our representative republic with three equal branches.

Here’s a series of legal commentaries related to delegation and discretion and now lost concept promoted by the Baron de Montesquieu.

Congress is a perpetual charade by vain and self-serving show boats, despots are on the loose from the executive branch departments and agencies, and a tyrant is in charge of the article II branch of the constitution, so when the SCOTUS decided to take a pass on harnessing excess and violation of the separation of powers–we hit the skids. It ain’t what the framers intended.

I really like Alito and Thomas, they rightly voted in favor of revisiting the “endangerment” finding of the collusive lawsuit on Carbon Dioxide Mass v EPA. That should have never happened. Is there a good phrase to describe the SCOTUS conduct other than perfidious abrogation? (A brief definition is the treacherous betrayal and failure to ones duty as required by an oath, for example).

3 responses to “Nino blew it again, but wadda u expect, he’s an oligarch

  1. There were never really “three equal branches” in the USA system.
    The framers clearly intended CONGRESS (esp House) to be the foremost, as being most responsive to the people (2 yr elections)
    But the point remains, they don’t take their responsibility seriously.

    • see, that’s not the way to look at it. The leg branch, article 1 is not more important, it just has a particular role.

      II has the executive role, which is more important in some ways because it separates the exec from the leg. as it exists in the parliamentary forms.

      which I think are prone to stupid, since they combine the leg with the exec.

      as for the courts–one might say, as originally was said, that they are the weakest–well sort of except when they make diecions it impact the functions of the other branches. It’s like the old observation, I would rather have control of the process and procedures that be the mover and shaker on the issues.

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