Indoctrination 101 enviro nuts and flakes

UC Santa Barbara–teaching teachers to drink the koolaid and not ask questions.

Why do teachers seem so prone to this–because they are teachers–they want to be part of something. They can be true believers.

Jim Jones was a California guy. San Francisco. Read about his influential presence in SF because he had an army of believers and could influence politics. Before Jonestown there was Jim Jones, a political mover and shaker, in SF. Congressman Ryan shuuda been careful.

Read about the CA problem in the book by Jack Cashill–What’s the Matter with California. Jack is a great investigative reporter and tells about all the nuttiness of CA–the beach boys, OJ, Manson gang–all kinds of weird connections in a state full of successful celebrities, corrupt and crazy politicians, grasping narcissistic oligarchs, outrageous perverts and dedicated weirdos.

One response to “Indoctrination 101 enviro nuts and flakes

  1. California, the Granola State. After you remove the Flakes and the Nuts, well you get the idea.

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