Mahi Mahi swimming slower with BP oil exposure

I don’t like it when I see exposure experiments. Would BP oil slow the swimming motion?

If the BP oil spill taught us anything it was that big spills don’t do much damage compared to the anxiety they create.

You may recall the mitigation protocols for Exxon Valdez were nixed by the Coast Guard and the post spill analysis and recommendations to allow continued drilling in the gulf were nixed, in spite of a federal judges order. Scary business these spills.

Did these fish consent to being oiled?

3 responses to “Mahi Mahi swimming slower with BP oil exposure

  1. I suppose BP oil is different from oil from natural seeps.

    And what does the oil do to slow them down?

  2. What about nervous trauma induced by folks messing with them – did they try it in open water born fish in the open ocean. No they did not. Too many variables to draw a solid conclusion. JMO

  3. So BP oil slows them down. Does Shell or Chevron oil speed them up? As BG sez, what is the mechanism that oil causes the slow down? In the end it just makes them easier to catch….here fishy fishy.

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