Here’s a way to create a phony crisis. We complained and they ignored us–boo hoo

Decide for yourself. 50 years of fracking but this is a real emergency, a state official ignored our cry for help.

4 responses to “Here’s a way to create a phony crisis. We complained and they ignored us–boo hoo

  1. Never trust a site that does not allow comments.
    I love that graphic that shows the fracking so close to the aquifer.
    Start with a subliminal lie and stack a few more whoppers on top.

  2. Westchester Bill

    I understand that there was a fellow in the patent office who specialized in spotting violations of the laws of thermodynamics. A lawyer actually argued that his client’s patent should be granted anyway.

    What should be done with those who claim anal probes by aliens? To me anti-fracking nuts are in the same class.

    But then, what about climate change skeptics? Mr. Mcintyre’s experience showed the pernicious enforcement of climate change orthodoxy. One’s grant money and access to publication dries up unless he conforms to dogma. Then our President claims that the consensus among published scientists shows something. Wow!

  3. It is a religion. Their God is Gia. They have their dogma and woe to anyone who is a non-believer. Woe to them for rejecting God and instead worshiping his creation.

  4. I’m thinking it was more of an attempt by management to cut off anti-fracking employees handing out gifts to the anti-fracking crowd. I suspect these two were actually evidence of justification.

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