2 million for fracking nuisance

This report is very troubling, since it creates a question. This isn’t about fracking,

The problem isn’t fracking, if it’s about anything it’s about drama and or poor management of a production facility. I can see it reverberating since plaintiff attorneys and advocates will try to make it an example of fracking dangers.

Somebody from the Texas agency investigating got sick from the air?

This is like the cancer cluster cases and the hysterical epidemics. Some people have very high levels of anxiety and well tuned noses. That’s not toxicology, that’s drama and secondary gain.


3 responses to “2 million for fracking nuisance

  1. Elections have consequences.
    Bad judges are consequences that last for a long time.

    • Westchester Bill

      Your comment implies that good judges can be selected. The major problem in our jurisprudence is that rational thinking is short changed by a lot. The crazy satanic cult/ day care cases of a few years ago there were at least 42 of them – demonstrate the level of depravity of American law.

  2. the lawyers used knee-jerk verbiage, “fracking”, the scare word of the day to light up the jury composed of science illiterates.

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