Lefty journalist shows nutty attitude

Bitman is unknown to me, but is mainstream NYT for purposes of profile.

Big Food is the culprit? How bout big agriculture, Big Steel.

Small is beautiful–the song of the marxist–BIG IS BAD, except for BIG INTRUSIVE GOVERNMENT RUN BY THE CHATTERING CLASS-THAT’S GOOD TOO.

Bitman skipped his pills from big pharma.

What planet did he come from–look at his pic–he is alien looking, and so sure of himself. He is like a lot of diabetics who get possesive about their problem–he eats so he needs to take control and have a preference or an opinion on everything–he wants to buy direct from the farmer–and probably shoot his own squirrels–let’s go back in time to hunting and gathering and taking our chances, Mr. B. What you call big food is what makes big populations and big societies healthy.

Nothing worse than a half informed obsessive compulsive personality with a place on the NYT writer’s list and a few “experts on the rolodex. .


13 responses to “Lefty journalist shows nutty attitude

  1. A Leftist argument for Soylent Green.

  2. “If the most profitable scenario means that most food choices are essentially toxic — in the sense that overconsumption will cause illness — that’s a failure of the market, not of individual choice.”

    I can falsify this statement in two sentences. I had a choice this morning between a banana and a bag of chips. I chose the banana. Case closed.

  3. Ah, yes.
    The unicorn argument.
    A magical creature will descend to earth and provide a robust and affordable production, storage, and delivery system that will allow everyone to eat well.
    Food will magically last longer with no processing.
    This creature will also teach even the disabled to cook for themselves and provide all the needed accessories despite income levels.
    And no food will be wasted because a miracle will occur at some point.
    And no fossil fuels or chemicals will be used.
    No shortages will exist.
    No natural disasters will starve people dependent upon food that spoils quickly.
    And on, and on…

  4. I can see that a reduction of CO2 emissions to zero and all the plants die from lack of same and all the people stop exhaling a poison into the atmosphere. Then the planet will have clean air.

  5. Trouble is, we now have the most socialist of all popes espousing the virtues of socialism and the abolition of free market.

    According to him, it’s the rich people make that make poor people poor.

    The other darling of the Left has spoken…and he’s a Pope. God forbid.

  6. My only criticism of what Bittman said is that he thinks food companies have an issue in killing their customers. Bullshit. They know the food they sell (low in saturated fat, high in polyunsaturated fat, high in grains (either refined or whole grains), high in high fructose corn syrup and sugar is killing people – they also know the swill they sell is addictive and will lead to all the chronic disease that affects society today. The thing is though is that they don’t care because the next crop of low-information customers is consuming their crap at an even faster pace than the generation they just killed off. We’re not running out of people, the market for cheap, toxic food isn’t going away until people realize that it’s this very food that’s killing them.

    • what a crock. food doesn’t kill people.

      you need to get a new guru.

    • “The next crop of low-information customers…” ?? What cheap, toxic food are you on?

      • John182 said – “what a crock. food doesn’t kill people.”

        Luisadownunder said – “What cheap, toxic food are you on?”

        Well as a firm believer behind the science that a high carb, low saturated fat is the cause of chronic inflammation that causes heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, autoimmune disease like IBS, Celiac, arthritis, MS, asthma, etc., you can be assured I’m not eating any form of wheat, any sugar, polyunsaturated vegetable oils or any other food that causes chronic inflammation.

        Since this blog is called “Junk Science” I think you’d do well to do some research into nutritional advice and understand that the science behind the food recommendations we’re given is as poor as the science behind global warming alarmism. If you’re interested, Gary Taubes does a good job of skewering the science in “Good Calories, Bad Calories” and Nina Teicholz does a very thorough job in her new book called “Big Fat Surprise”.

        Or you can flame me in the comment section some more which is fun I guess but doesn’t really advance our knowledge much.

  7. I love to read all this crap about food from food nannies and handwringers.

    i know, red meat, eggs, milk and of course no one knows more about “healthy eating” than nutritionists and dieticians and food store clerks.

    Let’s see if i can do it again, like before, the stomach and intestines don’t recognize healthy versus unhealthy and fat, saturated and partially saturated is digested–get it. Same with veggies and veggies are overrated, but associated with the aesthetic life of the eastern mystic. Veggies have achieved a religious iconic status. One can survive on a veggie diet but so? Important thing is get sources that have critical vitamins and minerals and get a balance of protein and fat and carbs and stop thinking there is magic in food.and that some of the food is black magic, some is good magic. Your intestine doesn’t read ideological literature, and certainly doesn’t care about what is presented for digestion and where it came from. the duodenum, ileum liver and pancreas are not ideological. They are also not inclined to be nannies and preachers. They are mindless digestive organs, pretty damn good at what they do. The can’t fix deficient diets or inapprorpiate calorie intake, but they don’t digest based on theories about what’s good for you and what’s bad.

    In the end the food nannies and handwringers are just keeping their obsessive compulsive selves busy fussin’ like people who always tell the waitor special instructions in the restaraunt and ask for their dressing o the side and talk healthy food with their friends and go to the Whole Foods Grocery so they can eat really high quality food with a high price tag so they’ll live forever.

    Most important rules–balanced diet,,moderation with alcohol and watch your weight–get enough calories to burn but don’t eat too much. Course if you are not busy with living, you can fret abut which yogurt is best and a proper intake of this or that. .

    I get real tired of all you smart asses who think potato chips or bbq or red meat are toxic. You want to avoid deficient diets, after that all the research put out by diet nut cases is silly–but it keeps them busy and off the streets where they might cause fights and traffic jams with their soapbox mountebank nonsense.

    • You don’t seem to understand what I’m saying, or maybe you partially do but are taking it to an extreme to make whatever point it is you’re trying to make easier to make.

      I eat red meat, vegetables and eggs, in fact quite a lot of them. What I don’t eat, and where your rant goes astray, are foods that have metabolic consequences to your body. That means I avoid foods that spike blood sugar and insulin levels (most carbohydrates, particularly grains and sugar) or foods that create an inflammatory response like vegetable oils and fructose.

      You’re mistaken if you think it’s a simple matter of calories in/calories out; you’re ignoring completely the hormonal response to the various foods we eat. Unfortunately that’s the view of “the experts” and conventional wisdom (everything in moderation…) and because moderation now seems to mean getting 50% or more of your calories from carbohydrates we’re in a world of hurt from the standpoint of chronic disease.

      As always, your opinion is your own to shape and form, I just don’t believe the underlying science of “everything in moderation” is very strong.

  8. nothing worse than a food fetishist.

    I would suggest you don’t know anything other than your anxieties. and nanny tendencies.

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