Collateral damage

Environmentalists think that the loss of jobs from the new coal plant regulations are necessary collateral damage. covers a piece in Huffington Post by William S. Becker, which says that the coal and oil country loss of jobs related to environmental programs are collateral damage, an “evolutionary step in technology and the economy” and a move toward “economic progress.” 

Becker’s Huffington Post article is a piece of rather tortured logic blaming coal on flooding in Bangladesh and other environmental ills and saying that government forcing technology will displace jobs just like the switch from typewriters and dial telephones.  The government didn’t write regulations forcing the elimination of typewriters and dial telephones over a defined time or require non-existent technologies for their continued use.  But these new rules are supposed to put money in each consumer’s pocket.  I’m not sure how making things more expensive put’s money in my pocket.

His solution to job losses:  job training and more government spending.  Job training only works if the training is for jobs that are in demand and going unfilled.  That hasn’t been the case for most government jobs training programs.

I wonder how the elitists would feel if their incomes were lost as “collateral damage?”  Is there a federal jobs training program for non-government experts who write Presidential Climate Action Plans?

5 responses to “Collateral damage

  1. Hank de Carbonel

    At yesterdays Senate EPA hearing the Dem’s prattled on about how REGULATION is the driver for invention and innovation! As if Edison and Tesla, Jobs and Gates could have done better. If they had only meddling regulators dreaming up power grabbing schemes we would be moving on to the greater good. A thousand monkeys or a thousand clerks will never ever duplicate Shakespeare and they will never be anything but repressive and restricting.

    • The EPA – Endangered Species act was used to kill 50 million JOBS that comprised most of the middle class – blue collar workers. Now they want to kill the farming and energy businesses – they want to increase your utilities by 4 times and for gasoline to be $ 8.00 per gallon.

      The E=GREENS will tell these goals to anyone that asks, but thee media will not ask. Green is PC and can not be challenged. We can stop the EPA and the other destructive agencies by using Article V.

  2. I have a dream!
    Shut them all down and roll back the idiocracy.
    I dream of no jobs at the EPA; DOE; CARB or the NGO anti-human crowd.

    At least they might find work when the economy expands at an exponential rate.

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