Just as intended

West Virginia’s most efficient power plant won’t meet the 2030 CO2 goals. Longview Power went online in 2011 as the most efficient power plant in the country and won’t meet the 2030 EPA goals for CO2 according to the State Journal.  The plant was built using supercritical boiler technology which allows them to use coal more efficiently than conventional boilers, 42%-45% versus ~34% efficiency.  It has $500,000,000 worth of pollution controls.  As constructed it doesn’t meet the proposed CO2 standard.  The plant could adopt carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) except the technology is neither demonstrated nor commercially available.

But isn’t that the intent of the Clean Power Plan, put out regs that are impossible to meet if you aren’t one of the favored industries?  And if this rule increases the cost of power, there is always the cardigan technology.

4 responses to “Just as intended

  1. Same for American Electric Power’s Oolagah plant. Most efficient plant in the fleet, so shut that down.

  2. So maybe the operators should advertize –
    1. that they will shut down for a month (of high demand when wind & solar are low).
    2. the reasons for shuting down,
    3. AND who to blame
    & not restart untill the impossible regs are removed.

    Shouldnt take more than a week of blackouts for people to see how good ‘green energy’ is.

    I remember the British 3 day weeks – http://hatfulofhistory.wordpress.com/2014/01/02/40-years-since-the-beginning-of-the-three-day-week/
    it changed lives & politics

  3. Well one way to get a 30% reduction is to be shut down 39% of the time.

  4. Think about it… after shutting down the coal fired plants, there will be rolling blackouts in every major city. After a couple of weeks, the American public will be screaming for reliable power and since the evil capitalists couldn’t provide it, the government will have to step in and nationalize the grid ‘for the good of the people’ (think Obamacare). Control, that is what this is all about.

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