Dalrymple discusses rodents and research

Mouse and rat studies have little value, says Dr. Dalrymple.

You all know how much I like this psychiatrist/essayist/commentator.

I would say that animal toxicology experiments have limtied value. However at present the protocols require animals experiments for safety and identification of toxicity and such.


3 responses to “Dalrymple discusses rodents and research

  1. Just to take one example where rats and mice are poor predictors of one another and hence unlikely to be good predictors of man consider long-term rodent studies use to predict carcinogenicity. Meyers, Young and Gries, JNCI 1985.

    “The above tables can be summarized as follows: At high doses and for extended periods of time, either rats or mice will exhibit a positive carcinogenic response in about 50% of the compounds tested. Both species will respond about 40% of the time. There is discordance between the two species 15-30% of the time. These statements appear to hold equally for both human carcinogens and the Purchase selection of 245 chemicals. In general, these chemicals are not indicted as human carcinogens.

    “In summary, the discriminating power of the rodent model should be questioned and it can be speculated that excessive dose levels contribute to this lack of discrimination.

    Of course, these studies are still in place, cost over $1M, and delay drugs to market by 3 years.

  2. we’ve known this for years but the economics of using pigs which are a much closer analog is such that many studies would go unfunded so that more important/useful ones can be.

    Of course you’ll see the ignorati spewing all sorts of fire and brimstone postings in the blogs based on flawed studies using mice that “prove” Bt corn and many other useful products “are killing us”.

    “You can’t fix stupid.” – Ron White

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