You don’t have to ask what he’s smoking

Here is a claim that prohibitions on marijuana growing deprive the world of a biomass source that will replace all the dirty energy.  No data, just the claim.  Really cute photo of the “pollution” from a natural gas plant.  Pardon me for being a bit skeptical

5 responses to “You don’t have to ask what he’s smoking

  1. It’s like all that ‘overwhelming evidence’ I keep hearing about but nobody seems to be able to produce. Of course, given the source of this story, I am really not surprised. I was a bit surprised I didn’t see any ads for food on the site though…..

  2. Coach Springer

    Bio mass is carbon intensive whether its dung, trees, weeds or bio waste from abortion and euthanasia clinics. (I recall an article where England does the bio-waste bit.)

    Hey, my village is harming the environment and the economy by not burning my leaves in old coal plants! And don’t bogart that joint. Stonerprop.

  3. Please specify when the link is to a potentially objectionable / NSFW website. In this case, a marijuana advocacy site that features images of scantily clad babes tokin’ qualifies. (Also, for future reference, WND and Infowars readily fit in the “I-would-be-embarrassed-if-someone-saw-my-browser-history category.)

  4. I hear coffee bean production is much greener.
    Also cocoa beans.
    And vanilla.
    (I swear)

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