Northeast on a low carbon diet, or does it have cancer?

Sierra Rayne performs a complex economic analysis/comparison on Northeastern Carbon trends. He hit on something.

Although some of the stuff in the analysis is unanswered the most important trend is per capita figures for comparison.

Might I, not nearly so smart as Rayne, suggest it’s because of the death of the Northeast? out-migration of manufacturing and energy intense activities. The developement of an energy usage decline to a service economy with a declining economic base?

Look at the essay and graphs and see what you think. The trend was there before the region went to new enviro regs. You get, sometimes, what you wish for–no graphs on the number of people who left the workforce or went on welfare dependency or moved off the grid with part-time and less productive work. The elite rich may be growing in the Northeast, but the economy may be declining in energy intense production.

2 responses to “Northeast on a low carbon diet, or does it have cancer?

  1. I dunno doc, I think the overall state of the economy has more to do with it than cap and trade (RGGI). Certainly RGGI has exacerbated the situation but I think what you are seeing is more the cliff we are being driven over as a matter of overall policies in DC killing the economy. The NE just seems to be hit harder.

  2. My point bwana, the trend down is a measure of economic activity, not some cappy tradey thing. The NE is morphing into a service economy and business/industry is migrating out. Also general downtrend in employment and production.

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