David Schnare point–well taken

On the bounce from our discussions about the new claims of CO2 Toxicity, here comes Schnare.

David is a former EPA, attorney and was our ally and attorney in the lawsuit to stop EPA human testing representing American Traditions Institute.

David says:

The war on coal, etc., is not about the threat to public health from CO2 toxicity. It is a waste of time to cast the debate in those terms.

The meme that works is that EPA’s regulations are a war on the elderly, on the poor and on minorities who have always been the first to suffer from higher energy costs.

The recently proposed EPA rules will cause the premature death (due to lost disposable income) of about 56,000 people, and those will be the elderly on fixed incomes and the working poor, many of whom are minorities. EPA’s rules are more toxic that CO2 by a wide margin, they are racist and ageist.

Well said, Mr. Schnare.

3 responses to “David Schnare point–well taken

  1. “Bad science kills”

    • Technically, it is bad policy based on bad science that kills.
      “Nothing is more terrifying than ignorance in action.” – Goethe

  2. That is one way to lower the average age of the Obamacare pool.

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