Barnett shale fracking is safe–shut up enviros

I have a personal interest in Barnett Shale–I like Texas and I like oil and gas production.

Recently the usual perps have claimed a contamination of drinking water.

Not so.

Recall that fracking has been a standard production practice for almost 50 years and the neurotics would certainly have their evidence of contamination if it was real. Fracking takes place in sealed pipes thousands of feet below the drinking water.

5 responses to “Barnett shale fracking is safe–shut up enviros

  1. How do you feel about the Marcellus Shale, where your/our type of “action” is—i.e., activist junk science and alarmism, to be countered by these brand-new ACSH pubs:

    1) Hydraulic Fracturing in the Marcellus Shale: Water and Health, Facts vs. Fiction 2) Fracking and Health: Facts vs. Fiction 3) What’s the Story? Fracking Facts vs. Fiction

    Press Release:

    Best, Gil

  2. According to IHS Global Insights, unconventional oil and gas production – in conjunction with chemicals manufacturing and other hydrocarbon feed stock and energy-dependent industries – have contributed more than 2.5% per year to America’s GDP. They’ve created 2.5 million new direct and indirect jobs, with the prospect of an additional 3.9 million jobs by 2025!

    Sorry no link. Copied for future harassment of alarmist.

  3. I only meant i had a parochial interest in the Texas plays, I have no problem with the Bakken or the Marcellus action. the Marcellus situation puts on display the idiot boy gov of NY and the contrast between Pennsylvania and NY.

  4. I have have interest in the Bakken, live there for over 10 plus years still, the place has change since I left. I hell it change a lot when I live there in the 80 boom to bust. It going to happen again but I am now old enough when it bust I should not have to care again and I no longer own a home there.

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