Asthma caused by carbon dioxide–not a chance

I just received a post that included commentary by the great Morano on how the EPA and the Bamster would like to do an agit prop head fake–make carbon dioxide an air pollutant that causes asthma.

In the world of public perceptions is science just a secondary consideration–sure it is–big lies and little lies are what agit prop is about.

Morano makes the argument that the EPA has found asthmatic children such a good hook, they had to conflate carbon dioxide regs with air pollution regs. Gina McCarthy starts spouting numbers about reduced asthma attacks, and heart attacks.

Well, in fact small particle air pollution doesn’t cause heart attacks or asthma.

Sorry Marc, you can easily back up a couple more steps in your criticism of this crap.

The epidemiology is so bad on small particle air pollution that the EPA had a human exposure project going for the last 20 years hoping to find something that would be good evidence. They admit in sworn statements to the court in Virginia in our lawsuit to stop the human exposure experiments that the small associations they find and have found in premature death populations studies don’t prove anything.

Asthma is increasing in incidence and air pollution is declining dramatically.

Carbon dioxide cannot be an allergen, and it cannot increase pulmonary problems or health problems until it gets to above 3% but some set the limit at 1.5% or 15,000 ppm in the ambient inspired air. It presently sits at 400 ppm, or 0.04%. That’s the air we breath in, the air we breathe out has a carbon dioxide level of 4% or 40,000 ppm. (one of our readers caught an error of an order of magnitude on the CO2 levels, thanks, got it fixed). I also looked at international levels for workplace and found out my information was dated, and the current levels acceptable are lower than they were, at 1.5% 0 3% depending on exposure and the country of the standard.)

The only way that small particles would be related to asthma is allergens in the air, pollen, and such, and allergenic particles are proteinacious so they stimulate immune reactions. The Immune system is designed to identify molecules that are foreign to the body and set up inflammatory reactions to fight the invasion.

In the case of an allergic reaction, the mast cells are engaged and release histamine that causes itching, rashes, welts (we call urticaria), angioedema (swelling of tissues with fluid released from histamine effects) swelling and inflammation of the airways, causing stridor and wheezing.

The treatment is antihistamines and cortisone type steroids to reduce the release of fluids and inflammatory mediators that cause allergic rashes and swelling and wheezing. Pretty simple, but you can count on the EPA and the lefty greenies to lie and deceive. Amazing they can do such a thing on top of the evidence that Asthma goes up as air pollution goes down. But agit prop is not about telling the truth.

Show a pic of a pretty kid with oxygen on and a stack in the background with steam coming out (portrayed as “smoke”) and watch the mommies put on their matching tee shirts.

Milloy and I have waxed eloquent on the bad air pollution epidemiology at JunkScience and American Thinker

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Asthma is not caused by air pollution. Asthma is an allergic disease.

Take a look at the commentary here at JunkScience and scroll down until you get to Milloy’s report on a multi year study of ozone and asthma in southern CA. No Association.

But before that you get to a Johns Hopkins study that shows that dirty environments for small children desensitizes them and reduces their rate of asthma.

enuff for today.

7 responses to “Asthma caused by carbon dioxide–not a chance

  1. You need to get the units right. CO2 is such a small component it is easy to drop a zero! 10% is 100,000ppm, 4% is 40,000ppm: about 1000 times current atmosphere.

  2. Help me out here. I understand that air pollution does not cause asthma, but if one has asthma does it trigger an attack?

  3. The more CO2 the better for plants. Plant allergens caused my asthma. So if plants grow better then their should be more allergens. So in a round about way CO2 causes more asthma.
    Do I believe CO2 causes asthma, NO WAY!

  4. A long time asthma suffer, I would suggest outlaw candle shops would do more good, same for perfume and cologne.

    • And outlaw air fresheners, scented laundry and dish soap, and scented dryer sheets. People where I work get freaked out when they walk into my office, where I usually sit with my back to the door, and I call them by name before I turn around, and before they say anything. They all smell different, from all the scented stuff they use.
      Funny thing is, when I was younger I always made fun of people who said they were sensitive to multiple chemicals. I have wondered, though, whether the increase in scented products was related to the rise in asthma cases, but I feel I am injecting my own bias into this.

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