The Federal Land Management tyrants

The Western US is a big national land preserve, as a relic of bad policy in the past.

Tell me why the feds should control so much land.

Now the Bureau of Land Management, the Feds in general, want more and what they have they want to convert to park and monument with no human use, in some cases no go.

They really don’t like humans much. They pursue policies that are fanatic environmentalist projects, and enter into collusive lawsuits on endangered species designations.

Here is Marita’s essay for this week.

2 responses to “The Federal Land Management tyrants

  1. I think it is time for the various States, especially those in the western part of the US, to start exerting their right to the land that is within their borders. All States should begin charging a property tax for any federal facilities, especially parks and monuments. The reasoning could be that the feds are unable or unwilling to properly control how this property is being used, they have increased the chances of death to citizens and destruction to private property through mismanagement of forests and grasslands, and the states are more likely to understand how to control and manage this land in a way that will enrich and empower the citizens of those states. The property tax will be used by the states to hire people to oversee the feds, and to use state veto power over any ruling that would seem contrary to the basic interests of the state.
    In addition, all rulings, by any federal agency, would have to be approved by the state legislature before they could be implemented, as federal agencies do not have any inherent right to make laws. As such, all rulings by federal agencies have to be considered by duly elected representatives of a state, to decide if such rulings should be part of state law.

  2. The Western states were admitted to the Union as equals. That means they were supposed to be treated the same. They were NOT!! Take Nevada, they released claim to all public land within their borders before becoming a state because it would have interfered with that equal treatment. Here is the Federal bill that set up their admission:

    Sec. 10. Five percent of subsequent sales of public lands by United States to be paid to state for public roads and irrigation. And be it further enacted, That five percentum of the proceeds of the sales of all public lands lying within said state, which shall be sold by the United States subsequent to the admission of said state into the Union, after deducting all the expenses incident to the same, shall be paid to the said state for the purpose of making and improving public roads, constructing ditches or canals, to effect a general system of irrigation of the agricultural land in the state, as the legislature shall direct.

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, why does the Federal Government own 80% of Nevada over 100 years after they were supposed to sell it?!?!?! Same goes for the rest of the western states!!!

    Time for us to take the land and sell it ourselves and give the fed their share minus fees and damages.

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