Continue the Fracking panic–ignore history, ignore good sense

So in a place on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana we have a little drama.

This demonstrates there are plenty of enviros with time on their hands, lawyers at the ready, and fear in their hearts, or antagonism to progress.

One might ask, what if the guy was just drilling?

Read the details of this damn nonsense. The play is at 13,000 feet.

It involves directional drilling and fracking that has been safe for 50 years, but there are enviros who have nothing better to do.

Here we go. They will shop for a judge and start the process.

2 responses to “Continue the Fracking panic–ignore history, ignore good sense

  1. “most promiscuous oil-producing states”
    There’s no anti-oil bias in this story – just a stupid writer who doesn’t know the difference between ‘promiscuous’ and ‘prolific’. If he has multiple children he might be wanting to consider a round of paternity testing.

  2. Not many people who live on the North Shore actually work in the Oil Patch so there is that. It is also a Higher Income suburb of New Orleans. These factors alone are not enough to understand the hysteria that is being actively promoted in that community. You also have to remember the BP Oil Spill/Blowout is still in the recent memory of many residents.

    People just do not understand the term acceptable risk. They think that there should be zero risk then they get in their car. There is a true cognitive disconnect with too much of the population these days. I am afraid that cooler heads will not prevail as long as the scare mongers are allowed to keep telling lies unchallenged and without consequences.

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