Commies support junk science? Why?

We have a number of readers and contributors who think it unseemly to be anti commie–after all commies who run under the colors of libs/progressives/socialists have good intentions, don’t they?

Recently I saw too many of our allies ready to drag out the old inaccurate epithet of McCarthyism, referencing McCarthy in the cruel mistreatment of Bengtsson for his departure from consensus lefty climate science.

Our friends revealed their weakness and willingness in the face of our problems with the left when they used the left’s favorite enemy, Joe McCarthy to label despicable conduct toward Bengtsson.

In the battle for minds and the culture, taking the language and altering the lexicon, such as reinforcing the epithet McCarthyism is going backwards. Our side is called names and accused of criminal acts for pointing out junk science, so our side agrees with the left that McCarthy was a careless demagogue.

Controlling the “consensus” on lexicon/scientific canon/social sciences and cultural doctrines are part of the game played by the left–played best by wanna be commies.

Saul Alinsky was a community activist/propagandist of great skill and achievement and guess what, Valerie Jarrett, Rahm Emmanuel, and the pack running with the president are true believers and committed to the agenda that will acquire the most power and control–that includes using science experts to intimidate the public and push the cant that facilitates their acquisition of totalitarian hegemony.

The Book by Stan Evans Blacklisted by History(2007 Crown Forum), by Stan Evans, proves that all the lefty sneering attackers were wrong, from Eisenhower to Murrow. McCarthy was right, and underestimated the number of commies and commie sympathizers and collaborators in government positions.

So what does that have to do with environmental policy, our position that the green army puts up junk science to support a statist socialist agenda? Could it be they don’t care about Mother Gaia, just want her to run interference for their campaign to control societies?

I am with Vaclav Klaus, former pres of the Czech Republic, who said that the green army and crusade is the new political totalitarianism. The new left/socialist army of conquest. Covering itself in good intentions, save the world, justice for all, destroy liberty, capitalism, free markets in favor of a medieval restoration of an oligarchy and top down statism asserted to be for the little man and save Mother Gaia from predator capitalists and their army of the petite bourgeoisie. Incidentally the reader of JunkScience, other than the trolls and monitors, are the petite bourgeoisie.

If the socialist/statists are to be successful they must control the culture by controlling the academy and the sciences. They need cover, so they manipulate the science for their political advantage. A canon of accepted scientific theory is established. To deviate offends the “consensus” established by the state funded and supported “expert” army.

That’s good and right because the left care and is well-intentioned. Intellectual passion governs their actions–they are often wrong but never in doubt. They are special–they know special things and advocate Utopian future of a collectivist paradise, run by right thinking socialists.

So Diana West, a professional Writer and political essayist, interested in stopping Islamic infiltration and influence, saw the pattern of Islamic subterfuge and infiltration as similar to the infiltration of communists in America and elsewhere that accelerated during the FDR administration, then continued till today. The March through the institutions promoted by professional communist provocateurs and taken up even after the expose’ on Stalin’s terrors as presented by Khrushchev 60 + years ago.

Ms. West changed from her intention to write about Islamic infiltration to looking at an established and proven infiltration of similar patterns, communism, international communism, that began its march in the Bolshevik savagery of Red October, 1917.

Ms. West researched the comprehensive and authoritative files and archives of Stanton Evans and the Venona files research, the work of Evans, Herb Romerstein and the revelations of Elizabeth Bentley, Whittaker Chambers, and the treasure trove of spying information and espionage obtained from Russky Military/Intelligence defectors like Victor Kravchenko who were experienced enough to bring original documents with them to show who our traitors and collaborators were.

She wrote a very important and well researched book on commie infiltration that showed Joe McCarthy was right, he just underestimated the magnitude of the espionage, and commie agents and sympathizers were at the highest levels of the American Government–Hopkins, White, Hiss, named bad guys by Elizabeth Bentley and Whittaker Chambers, information discarded and ignored by the FDR and Truman administration as they tried their best to discredit people who came forward.

You think Ed Murrow and other leftists were after McCarthy because he was wrong or right? Reading West’s Book American Betrayal and shortly after Evans and Romerstein’s book Stalin’s Agents ( and a book Operation Snow(John Koster, 2012 Regnery) on Harry Dexter White’s involvement as a FDR official in Treasury, his role as a provocateur of the Japanese, playing an instrumental role in antagonizing the threatening them into a suicidal war with America a war they knew they could not wind, but that occurred because of continued aggressive American actions orchestrated by White. Koster says with good authority that White, who was a Communist agent, did it to make sure the Russians, his bosses would not be fighting the Germans in their west and the Japanese on their east without American help. Pearl Harbor guaranteed American involvement. The book reproduces the inflammatory and bellicose memoranda and communiques of White and the case Koster makes is compelling. White was unhinged and wrote and acted in a way that Japan could only interpret as warlike and dangerous to Japanese interests. The details are in the ten demands penned by White in the “November Memorandum” of 1941. It was a list of demands that drove the Japanese government to the wall. We know what happened after, even though they knew they could never match America and could only hope for a cease-fire stalemate that left them with their vital interests preserved.

All these readings combined with what I knew before about the FDR administration and people like Harry Dexter White, Harry Hopkins, the Rosenbergs, Alger Hiss, Lauchlin Currie, Owen Lattimore, helped me to understand the deceit and propaganda strategies better, the magnitude of the espionage and infiltration. It allowed me to consider that we moved left in America under FDR and Stalin took Eastern Europe because the left was influencing things. That has not changed. They may not know how to build but they do know how to destroy.

It is not surprising, now, to consider that communists and individuals who admire communism and are committed to it are in the White House and influence domestic and foreign policy. And they are masters at manipulating the populace with junkscience and junk policy claims. Ignore the evidence is their defense mechanism. Keep shouting and use the press and “hooks” that catch the imagination of the sheep.

My Book Review Winter 2013 issue of Journal of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons. (JPANDS)

American Betrayal: the Secret Assault on Our National Character,
by Diana West,
hardback, 403 pp., $26.99, ISBN 978-0-312-63078-2, St. Martin’s Press, 2013.
In 355 pages of text followed by hundreds of end notes, Diana West documents how the Communist infiltration of the United States government and the Roosevelt Administration affected American policy during the 1930s and World War II, and beyond. . . .

4 responses to “Commies support junk science? Why?

  1. Thank you.

  2. Commies have good intentions??? Not on your life!!!

  3. Lionell Griffith

    There is a fundamental moral principle that if a person acts in a certain way but fails to achieve his stated goal, then repeats the same action and gets the same result, he actually desires the results he gets. There is only a pretense of “good intentions”. He willfully intends to achieve every pernicious result he achieves! That he hides from his own malevolent intent only worsens his moral guilt.

    How many of our so called leaders say one thing repeatedly and accomplish the opposite? Nearly every one of them. How many of their followers were taken in multiple times? Far too many of them. I suggest the above principle be applied to the gullible followers as well. They too intend to get the results their leaders achieve and are as guilty as their leaders.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice, shame on both of us.

  4. (Sorry for getting religious)

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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