Poll says Americans are stupid, shows steam as “smoke”

Here we go again.

WAPO/ABC poll, now there’s a reliable source, says Americans ready to pay more for clean air. Yada Yada.

Of course the selected Americans were asked something like–do you want clean air? Do you care about the environment, and are you willing to pay more to have it?

And note that Matt Brown doesn’t know the difference between smoke and steam.


You might say–bring on the warm.

7 responses to “Poll says Americans are stupid, shows steam as “smoke”

  1. ”And note that Matt Brown doesn’t know the difference between smoke and steam”

    Australians are same IQ. Regularly on TV is shown.the ”steam” from the cooling towers as ”smoke”

    also, the ”thick smoke” coming from factories burning natural gas has being presented as ”smoke” – in reality: if you condense that thick ”smoke” would turn into soda-water BECAUSE BURNING METHANE PRODUCES STEAM [CH4 + O4 = 2H2O + CO2] which is soda water

  2. Technically the “smoke” is water droplets, condensed water vapor. Live steam is clear and colorless. If those stacks are really putting out white smoke, then they are very likely in violation of any opacity limits I’ve seen.

  3. Please note that legally, to tell smoke from steam, you need to have a method 9 certification. That certification lasts only 6 months before you have to be recertified. Read 40 CFR 60 Appendix A-4.

    I have that certification. It’s steam.
    And Bob, with white smoke, the opacity isn’t the problem so much as the sulfur emissions.

  4. Whooooa, Bob, when you look at those plumes, watch, they dissipate in a hundred feet–smoke goes on for miles. The steam argument wins, it’s not white smoke. If there is any emission in the plume it is very small and not related to the dramatic plum from the stack.

    Also, I repeat–if you want it to look menacing, take the pic in the evening in a low light–then it looks dark and ominous.

  5. “Poll says Americans are stupid, …”

    You didn’t need a poll for that. They elected and then re-elected Obysmal. QED.

  6. People are “stupid” until they learn the Truth. That means ALL of us.

  7. Here is a picture I wish they’d use:
    “Iceland’s pristine environment polluted by electricity production”

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