Hydropower gets ignored–to our dismay

Hydropower is important in the Northwest and is being neglected.

The green thugs just can’t stand a good idea, if it doesn’t fit their plan to return everything to a nature park. Dams offend their sensibilities, since beavers should be the only animals that can make dams.


3 responses to “Hydropower gets ignored–to our dismay

  1. Hydropower is not being ignored, it is being dismantled in the name of Salmon and Steelhead.

  2. Good morning from Toronto,home of the league -leading Toronto Blue Jays.
    Just read the article mentioned above and felt it necessary to counter the ecotards belief that hydro in not environmentally friendly. The dams at Niagara Fall,Canada , generate an enormous amount of electricity.As a matter of fact, I believe that the dams in Ontario generate approximately 60% of our needs. Just to stick to these Luddites further,we have a few Nuclear Power plants that supplement our needs as well. The amount of energy generated by the slice-and -dice wind turbines is minute in comparison. Hydro is cheap, clean, reliable and God-forbid I should say it, very eco-friendly!(Gotta wash my mouth out with soap after using that e- word).Comment appreciated for my fellow Junksters.

  3. Australian ”Green” senator made himself a name by preventing a hydro electric dam to be built – then after he was always spilling crocodile tears about CO2… That dam would have produced more electricity than all the solar panels on the planet.

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