Here comes another Doper alert

I know, I know, I just do this to keep people stirred up. All the readers who put down their bong to comment.

After all, Choom gang graduate is in the WH.
AFter all, man, like what could be wrong with something that makes you feel right with the world? What’s the difference between alcohol and weed?

Well maybe there is?

4 responses to “Here comes another Doper alert

  1. The author forgot to include that marijuana consumption can also cause curvature of the spine and lose the war for the Allies.

  2. Actually, KDP that is self abuse that causes curvature and defeat.

  3. Coach Springer

    Whether to legalize or not is a binary proposition. The effects (safe or unsafe) are not. Legalize it and you might reasonably expect a whole set of binary laws, rules and regulations in response to the realities. Odd that the precautionary rule doesn’t appear to be operative on people who otherwise live and die by that calculation.

  4. Cigarettes had staunch defenders for quite some time.
    I expect MJ will enjoy the same level of support form those resistant to unsurprising revelations.

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